2020 Owner Meeting Highlights

The key highlights from the 2020 Island Owner’s Meeting are:

–The Island condo dues will increase by $30/month to $360/month effective 1/1/2021.

–The newly elected board members are: Mark Hannahs-President; Tom Murrill-Vice-President; Carol Ann Bianco-Treasurer / Secretary; Alan Dietrich, Richard Foard, Caroline Pisano and Charlie Zellers-Members.

Reminder – NO grill use on / near any building

Reminder….besides it being prohibited by the Island’s General Rules and Regulations, per the Ocean City Fire Marshall:  “The Town of Ocean City does not allow grills or other outdoor cooking equipment to be used within 20’ of multi-family dwellings.  Multi-family dwellings are those buildings that contain three or more dwelling units, which may include townhouse complexes.

July 4th Fireworks cancelled

FYI, the Town of Ocean city cancelled the July 4th fireworks show at Northside Park this year.  You do NOT need to display your Island parking pass that day.

However, please save your Island parking passes in case the event is rescheduled at a later date. We do not plan to re-issue them. 

Update — Pools open

Updated Health Dept. guidance and revised state and local ordinances now allow us to OPEN the Island pools effective 10am on May 30th.  There are still capacity limits in place (34 people max at the North pool and 32 people max at the South pool) and additional other rules must be followed.  These include:

  1. Bathers must sign in and out of the pool using the sign-in books located at the gates.
  2. Bathers must socially distance to the recommended 6 foot rule with anyone outside their family.
  3. Bathers must be familiar with all the new posted signage displayed and remain in compliance at all time.

Also per the Health Dept. guidance, extra precautions will be taken by our pool operators staff to include additional sanitation measures to the pool gates, hand rails, swim ladders, swim rails and pool furniture.

Please advise any guests or renters of these new regulations. It is paramount to the success and longevity of the pool season that we remain in compliance with these rules at all times.

History & Resources

Looking for information about community regulations, building information, declarations and by-laws? Or like to see the transformation and evolution of the property? Visit the Owner Resource page for more information.

Property Management Contact Information

Use the provided contact information below to get in touch with our two approved property management companies.

Mana-Jit, Inc. Property Management


18 41st Street
Suite104 Ocean City, MD  21842
Phone: 410-289-1128
Fax: 410-289-0405

Property Manager - John F. Jensen, Jr

Hours: 9am to 4pm Mon - Fri

24 hour/7 day for emergency service only -- fire, flood


PKS & Company, P. A. , Financial Management

P.O. Box 72 
Salisbury, MD 21803 

Contact: Jen Wheatley    410-546-5600

Business hours are 8:00am to 5:00 pm Mon- Fri. 

Note: Condo dues for 2020 are $330/month